The mission of the Foundation “for child’s good”

The mission of the Foundation „for child’s good” is to secure for children and youg people full physical and psychological growth as well as to form their social, civic and democratic attitude of mind.

The activities are aimed at bringing to life even chances for children and young people stemming from diverce social environment, in particular fro those who spend their childhood and young days in an orphanage.

The Fundation’s support is directed also towards young people especially talented in the field of literature, fine arts and photography, who co-operate in editorial work of the youth magazine “Głos młodzieży” (Eng. “The voice of youth”) thus having a chance to freely express their opinion and views in the columns of the magazine.

The Foundation “for child’s good” shares Polish experience in widespreading the ideas of democracy, civil liberty and the freedom of speach with organizations and institutions from central and Eastern European countries, inviting them to co-operate in editing the youth magazine.

The Foundation’s mission is being accomplishes through the contribution of its members as well as of independent individuals and organizations.

Głos Młodzieży

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